Peter Frampton Under Attack? Wait, What?

Frampton Forgets the Words, his second instrumental album, will be out this Friday, April 23rd.

"Isn't it a Pity" is off Harrison's first post-Beatles album, 1970'sAll Things Must Pass.

Peter Frampton is getting some flak for the video of his cover of George Harrison's "Isn't it a Pity" off his new album, Frampton Forgets the Words.

The video begins with footage from Frampton’s Farewell Tour in 2019, followed by scenes of him trying to make the best of being locked down at home in Nashville by playing silly games, exercising, playing the guitar, having Zoom chats with his kids and getting his second COVID shot.

But, some folks who are against the vaccine have commented, which led Frampton to post the following:

  • Certainly Frampton is allowed to share his feelings regarding the pandemic and how he wants to go about dealing with it.
  • He certainly didn't cross any line or tell anyone what to do.
  • He also hasn't commented on folks who refuse to believe there is a pandemic or won't get vaccinated.
  • Frampton is an American citizen and therefore like the rest of us he has a right to choose what is best for him.
  • In releasing the video last week, Frampton said, “We have all been in the same boat for over a year now. Our video lets you into my world of lockdown and possibly yours too. I think we can all relate.”

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