Ann Wilson and Daybreak - Circa 1969

Ann Wilson has gone back to the archives for her next release.

She says, "Before joining Heart, I fronted a band called Daybreak. We played in bars and clubs on military bases until late 1968...

"On January 9th, 1969 the band recorded two 45 rpm recordings (two records – four sides)... [and] Seattle’s own Topaz Records released a limited pressing as Ann Wilson & The Daybreaks. They got the name wrong at the pressing plant, but who cares? We made records! There were four sides to fill and only 3 country songs, so we were able to record the first song ever written by [my sister] Nancy and I, 'Through Eyes and Glass‘ as the fourth track.

"These are my first recordings ever. They only sold a handful of copies and there were only 500 copies pressed but it was the start of my career...

"Listening now, my voice sounds high and naive and you can hear the influences of Judy Garland, Peggy Lee and Patsy Cline my mother played at home growing up. I remember feeling scared and shy at first behind the microphone but soon something else took over!..."

She is releasing the four songs as a limited-edition 10-inch vinyl splatter platter EP through her website The other three songs are "Standing Watching You," "I’m Gonna’ Drink My Hurt Away" and "Wonder How I Managed."

The song she wrote with Nancy, "Through Eyes and Glass," was last released on Heart's career-spanning box set, 2012'sStrange Euphoria.

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