C,S,N & Y Celebrate Deja Vu's 50'th Anniversary

The 50th anniversary edition of the first Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young album ,Déjà Vu, is out this Friday -- 51 years and 64 days after it's release on March 11th, 1970.

The 10-track landmark album that gave us "Carry On," "Teach Your Children," "Almost Cut My Hair," "Helpless," "Woodstock," "Our House" and the title track has been expanded to a 38-track box set containing four CDs and one LP.

Inside is the original record along with unreleased demos, outtakes, alternate takes, and a hardcover book with rare photos and liner notes by director and former music journalist Cameron Crowe. There is also be a deluxe five-LP vinyl version.

Among the 38 bonus tracks is a demo of Neil Young’s “Birds” recorded with Graham Nash. There would have been more, but Young ended up taking back what he originally offered up.

Other rarities include Nash and Joni Mitchell’s duet on “Our House,” Stephen Stills's “Ivory Tower,” and a 10-minute alternate take of David Crosby’s “Almost Cut My Hair.”

"When you just listen to Déjà Vu and you appreciate it, you have no idea what went into the making of the record,” says Nash. “This release will give you a great idea of how this record came together. We were all four strong writers. We were all four strong singers. I don’t believe there’s a band in the world with four writers and four singers. And don’t forget, we may be the only original band that’s still around. The Beach Boys and the Grateful Dead and TheRolling Stones aren’t the original bands... The four of us are still rocking, and it’s kind of interesting.”

Unfortunately, they no longer get along as Nash and Young no longer speak to Crosby.

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