Celebrate Paul McCartney's Historic Ram Release, today at NOON!

Paul McCartney's second album, 1971's Ram, marks its 50th anniversary this Monday.

Released on May 17th, 1971, it was reissued this past Friday as a limited-edition half-speed mastered vinyl pressing.

The only album to be credited to both Paul and his first wife Linda, Ram was created mostly at their farm in Scotland, after several studio sessions in New York.

Rolling Stone hailed it as a "masterpiece" and "a grand psychedelic ramble full of divine melodies."Ram included McCartney's first post-Beatles number-one single "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey," and the sessions for the album also produced the standalone single "Another Day."

Today, McCartney's camp is hosting a Ram Listening Party at 12 noon CENTRAL. Sync with your Spotify or Apple Music account or play your vinyl copy join the conversation.

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