Sammy Hagar Circles Back on the Road,...

Sammy Hagar and The Circle returned to the road Sunday night with the first of five shows in Florida.

Although there were reports that these are socially distanced shows, video taken Sunday at Truman Waterfront Park Amphitheater in Key West showed a reported 3,000 tightly packed fans.

But that didn't matter to Hagar who says, "Man did it feel good being back on stage! ...

"Do I need to tell you how much fun this was! They allowed us to serve Sammy's Beach Bar Rum and Santo Spirit in the venue. Redheads from all over the country came to the party and a party it was."

They did songs off The Circle's two studio albums, as well as some from Sammy's solo career and covers of Van Halen, Led Zeppelin and David Bowie songs.

  1. There's Only One Way to Rock
  2. Poundcake
  3. Trust Fund Baby
  4. Three Lock Box
  5. I Can't Drive 55
  6. Humans Being
  7. Good Enough
  8. Little White Lie
  9. Finish What Ya Started
  10. Top of the World
  11. Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy
  12. Right Now
  13. Why Can't This Be Love
  14. Rock and Roll
  15. Heavy Metal
  16. Mas Tequila
  17. Heroes
  18. Affirmation

The remaining Florida shows are Tuesday and Wednesday in Orlando and June 1st and 2nd in St. Augustine. They also have three shows on the books for August in Illinois, Idaho and Washington State.

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