The Who Have Been Minted... into a Coin

The Who, in conjunction with England's Royal Mint, have produced a line of coins that, when converted to American currency, cost as little as $18 and as much as $97,000 for the gold proof edition.

"It’s an honor to have a coin produced to celebrate The Who’s musical legacy," says Roger Daltrey, who paid a visit the Mint to inspect the production process.

"The coin’s design captures the true essence of the band and what we represent. It was a fantastic moment being able to strike one of the very first pieces in the collection and see the range of technologies and processes involved in the making of the coin."

And Pete Townshend adds, "I am delighted that the band's work is being recognized by this fantastic range of coins from The Royal Mint."

Designer Henry Gray says, "The design shows a stylized Rickenbacker guitar as a pinball table that is being smashed through a speaker stack. The guitar had to be a Rickenbacker because it was the first guitar Pete Townshend destroyed on stage. The way the guitar smashes through the speaker stack is reminiscent of the way he was captured in photographs stabbing at and smashing up his equipment."

Other details featured on the coins include a union flag, a mod logo, and a ‘shockwave’ effect in honor of their show at Charlton Athletic's football stadium in 1976, which was considered the world's loudest show for over a decade. 

Other artists honored by the Royal Mint over the years include David Bowie, Elton John and Queen.

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