New Music Alert; Night Ranger - "Breakout"

Night Ranger is back with new music. The band just announced they’ll be releasing the new album “ATBPO” (a.k.a. “And The Band Played On”) on August 6th. 

The album is Night Ranger’s first new studio album in four years, and they are giving fans their first taste with the new single “Breakout.”

“This record was incredibly hard to do as we could not be in a room together with all the COVID-19 issues that were going on,”Kelly Keagyshares, “But sometimes you do your best work when there’s a deadline approaching.”Jack Bladesadds, “"The process was strange but the outcome rocks.”Check out the new song to the right, and the track list below:

  1. “Coming For You”
  2. “Bring It All Home To Me”
  3. “Breakout”
  4. “Hard To Make It Easy”
  5. “Can’t Afford A Hero”
  6. “Cold As December”
  7. “Dance”
  8. “The Hardest Road”
  9. “Monkey”
  10. “A Lucky Man”
  11. “Tomorrow”
  12. “Savior” (Bonus Track - CD & LP versions only)

Source: Night Ranger

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