Hollywood Joe Perry... The Aerosmith Great Contributes to a Film.

Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry has contributed five songs to City of Lies, the latest film to star his Hollywood Vampires bandmate Johnny Depp.

Perry was a guest at Depp's Los Angeles home a few years back when the film was in production. He says, “We watched some clips and talked about some of the scenes that they needed some music for, and [director and music producer] Brad Furman, [musician] Alberto Bof, Johnny and I started talking about ideas on what I could add. I never had a chance to work with someone as classically trained and as talented as Alberto on a one-to-one basis... As we worked our way through each piece of music, Alberto and I played in a style that was definitely not in my everyday wheelhouse.”

Perry had one of his sons, Roman Perry, join him on the song "Big Come Up."

City of Lies will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on June 8th.

Perry is also working on a new album that will reportedly be released this year.

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