Guinness World Record, for the Longest Eyelashes...

WEIRD NEWS: Isn't It Eye-ronic?

If you hate it whenever an eyelash gets stuck in your eye, you should try to imagine how this woman feels.

You Jianxia of China just set a Guinness World Record for the longest lashes at a whopping eight inches long. She was actually the first to hold the record in 2016 when her lashes measured only 4.9 inches. So how are her lashes growing so much? No one's really sure. Doctors and scientists have been left scratching their heads and have no explanation for why they keep growing. She says no one else in her family has long eyelashes. 

Hot Takes:

  • It has to be so annoying constantly having hairs waving in front of your eyes.
  • She should at least curl them.
  • Imagine what she must spend on mascara.

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