Fan Video of KISS in NYC at the Tribeca Film Festival

KISS got back on stage Friday night to celebrate their new documentary.

The five song set at Battery Park in New York City was part of the premiere of the A&E documentary Biography: KISStory at theTribeca Film Festival. It was the first time the band has played live since their New Year's Eve show in the United Arab Emirates, and first performance in the U.S. since March 10th, 2020. Watch the whole set on YouTube.

Paul Stanley told the crowd, “We don’t have a permit to make a long show. So this is a little short. It’s like a sampling before you get your big meal in August." That's when KISS's End of the Road Tour resumes on the 18th in Mansfield, Massachusetts.

Biography: KISStory will air on A&E June 27th and 28th.

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