The Zombies; Remixed for Chelsea FC - "Time of the Football Season"

Colin Blunstone has always been the biggest sports fan among The Zombies. Now, a sports tie-in might help "Time of the Season" finally become a hit in the U.K.

A lifelong fan of the Britain's Chelsea Football Club (soccer team), he also followed the Los Angeles Rams when he lived in California during the 1970s.

So it's no surprise that Colin was delighted when Chelsea began using his Zombies classic "Time of the Season" as a sort of fight song, when they battled to pull out of slump earlier this season.

And he got even more excited when the team used Harvey Gunn's contemporary remix of "Time of the Season" as the soundtrack of promotional announcements for team-logo merchandise.

It's the first time we've heard someone rework -- and in this case, only subtly -- one of the most durable rock tunes of the '60s.

Ironically, due to botched promotion by The Zombies' then-label, "Time of the Season" was never a hit in the band's home country, while reaching the Top 5 in the U.S., number-one in Canada, and number-two in South Africa. While Blunstone hasn't heard for certain, a release of Harvey Gunn's remix might give "Time of the Season" a chance to finally become a hit single in Britain!

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