See James Taylor at Carnegie Hall, Starting Thursday!

James Taylor is free-streaming the show he recorded this spring at New York's Carnegie Hall.

Taped April 12th with guest appearances by Vince Bruce, Barbara Cook, Steve Martin, Bette Midler, Kevin Pollak, Dianne Reeves and Sting, the show is part of the legendary venue's 120th anniversary celebration.

Taylor calls it, "The top theater in the top town... an icon for performing artists... its very name means success." The connection is more than just professional -- it's personal: "The first time I played here, in 1970, was the first time I was ever in the Hall I had been hearing about since I was a child. From the moment I walked in the door, it lived up to my expectations and to my imagination."

The show will stream free for one week beginning Thursday via Taylor's website.

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