Is that Lindsey Buckingham On the Wrong Sides?

Lindsey Buckingham has released a second song off his forthcoming self-titled album.

On the Wrong Side,” is about the peaks and valleys of life on the road with Fleetwood Mac as he sings, “We were young, now we’re old / Who can tell me which is worse?”

Buckingham says the song is similar to the Mac's "Go Your Own Way” in that he says, “[it's] not a happy song, subject-matter wise, but it was an ebullient song musically. This was sort of the same idea.”

It's also Buckingham's second song with the same title. He released another "On the Wrong Side" in 1994 as part of the soundtrack to the film With Honors.

Buckingham's new album, his first since his 2017 album with Christine McVie, will be released on September 17th.

He starts histouron September 1st in Milwaukee.

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