David Crosby; Ask Croz - Sex and Advice on the Same Video...

David Crosby is not giving away his new album, For Free, but he is offering up free advice in hisAsk Croz column in Rolling Stone.

This time out he responds to questions about the lack of frequency in one's sex life, and another about what advice he would give his younger self.

A man in his 30s feels his wife should be having sex with him at least five times a week. Crosby told him if that's not the case then he's not doing it right.

And asked what advice he could give himself 50 years ago, he says, "Don’t do hard drugs."

Crosby, who has been doing this column for two years, was also asked by a woman about dating a hunter, and what kind of deal he made with the devil to still be singing well and churning out albums at 80 years of age.

He turns 80 on Saturday.

If you need Crosby's advice, send an E-mail to AskCroz@RollingStone.com.

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