The Doobie Brothers; Takin' It To Many Streets - on their 50th Anniversary

The Doobies Brothers are a week into the 50th anniversary tour, albeit a year late due to the pandemic.

With Michael McDonald back in the fold, they got things rolling last Sunday in Des Moines, Iowa.

They're working their way through the Midwest with their next show set for Tuesday in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Commenting on the first week of shows, McDonald says, "It feels great to be out on the road with my old friends...

"I’ve always missed playing so many of these great tunes from their song book. It’s a privilege for me to get to take the stage with them once again for a whole tour. To play so many of the old venues we performed at perennially back in the day to audiences now made up of folks who remember us from back then and some who weren’t born yet, is an experience I’m immensely grateful for."

And, Michael tells us he likes not having to be the frontman.

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