Slowhand & Van; Clapton and Morrison Collaborate on some Great Music!

Eric Claptonhas re-recorded his recently released song, "This Has Gotta Stop," with Van Morrison singing an additional verse and playing saxophone.

The song is clearly directed at Clapton's frustration with COVID vaccine initiatives and mandates. But he also targets politicians, technology and environmental issues.

It casts a side eye at political figures, creeping technological interference, environmental issues and rampant groupthink.

In "This Has Gotta Stop" Clapton sings, "Enough is enough, I can't take this BS any longer / It's gone far enough, you wanna claim my soul, you'll have to come break down this door."

This is now the third anti-lockdown, anti-vaccine song Clapton and Morrison have done together. The first two were "Stand and Deliver" and "The Rebels."

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