Meatloaf... Still Performing!

Meat Loaf says he still wants to perform, but health setbacks prevent him from performing like he used to.

On Facebook he says he's "vocally strong," but "just can't walk very well anymore. I want to do shows but I will have to stay seated."

He recently performed, seated, on TV's Huckabee, and he says, "I am happy I did the show and I sang very well, but walking sucked."

He did three songs -- "Out of the Frying Pan (And Into the Fire)," "Los Angeloser," and "Mercury Blues."

As for performing on the former Arkansas governor's show, Meat says, "[Mike] Huckabee's show gave me a chance to get back on a stage and sing. NO POLITICS INVOLVED... It's about me getting a chance to preform after six years of complete frustration. I mean angry that I couldn't. This might open the DOOR to shows in 2022. Those of you who would like to see me live in concert, cross your fingers..."

In other Meat news, he says he will soon be reissuing his 10th album, 2010'sHang Cool Teddy Bear.

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