Guinness World Record - Most Ping Pong Balls Caught in Shaving Cream...

David Rush and Jonathan “Hollywood” Hannon have reclaimed a Guinness World Record when one of them threw 35 ping pong balls that the other caught in a mass of shaving cream on his head.

Rush, who has broken more than 200 Guinness records to promote STEM education, originally teamed up with "Hollywood" Hannon to set the record at 29, but their record was broken just a few months later by another duo who managed to make 32 catches in 30 seconds.

Rush and Hannon took on the record again, this time with Rush throwing the balls and Hannon attempting to catch them in a mass of shaving cream on his head.

The two men were able to recapture the record with the 35 ping pong balls thrown and caught in 30 seconds.

Link: UPI

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