Paul McCartney Welcomes the Foo Fighters to the R&R Hall of Fame!

The Foo Fighters were the fifth and final inductee of the night in the Performer Category.

Dave Grohl's friend Paul McCartney inducted them, saying how his and Dave's musical journeys were similar:

  • How they both discovered rock and roll at an early age.
  • How joining The Beatles changed his life and how joining Nirvana changed Dave's.
  • How both bands ended prematurely and how they each had to find their way again.
  • Paul played all the instruments on his first post-Beatles album, 1970'sMcCartney, and Dave did the same on the Foo's 1995 self-titled debut.

The Foos then took the stage to perform "Best of You," "My Hero" and "Everlong" before giving their acceptance speeches.

Grohl, who is now a two-time inductee following going in as a member ofNirvanain 2014, also said, "Thank you all so much for hanging out with us for the last 26 years."

Then, before going into the night's last song, Grohl said everything he learned about music he learned from "this guy," meaning Paul McCartney, who in a shaky voice, led the Foos through The Beatles' "Get Back."

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