Rolling Stones; The Boston Dynamics Robots do "Spot Me Up"

The Rolling Stones have shared a cool new video for their 1981 hit “Start Me Up.” 

The band teamed with Boston Dynamics for the clip, which sees robots mimicking all of Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, and Ronnie Wood’s moves.

“Start Me Up” is featured on the band’s album “Tattoo You,” which just got a brand new 40thanniversary edition. Check out the video to the right.

  • ONE MORE THING! Keith is opening up about the band’s decision to go on with their “No Filter” tour following drummer Charlie Watts’ death. In an interview with Apple Music, he says when doctors initially advised Charlie against touring, “the last thing I wanted to do was a Rolling Stones tour without Charlie." But Charlie was the one who convinced them to continue on with Steve Jordan behind the drumkit.
  • “Charlie Watts was our mainstay... You took Charlie, everything fell apart, and to be able to transition this thing and also feeling Charlie's presence in a way via Steve,” he says. “Steve loved Charlie to death and they were good friends. So it's almost like a transitional thing that we all have to deal with when we get up there every night. But so far, so good. Great energy, great fun."

Source: U Discover Music

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