Pete Townsend Gives Us a Tour of His Studio...

The 50th anniversary of The Who's 1971 album, Who's Next, came and went this year with very little fanfare.

While they did recognize the August 14th, 1971 anniversary by releasing videos of them performing the album's songs in concert, they didn't release a deluxe edition like they did with some of their previous albums.

But that will change next year as Pete Townshend has been in his studio going through the tapes of the Who's Next sessions for a deluxe reissue. It will include outtakes, demos and alternate versions, as well as songs from the Lifehouse project, a multi-media rock opera that was abandoned, although some songs were salvaged for Who's Next.

Townshend posted a short four-part video on Instagram in which he says they "missed the boat" on releasing the collection this year, blaming it on COVID. He also gives a tour of his studio while working on this collection.

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