$6 For Gas In Texas? Here's When You Can Expect To Pay More At The Pump

Photo: Getty Images

Prices at the pump are already high, but there might not be relief in sight any time soon.

Ed Hirs, an energy fellow at the University of Houston, where he's also a professor of energy economics, told WFAA about the factors contributing to high gas prices. Hirs predicted "that we're going to see $6 gas by Labor Day."

Hirs cites the war in Ukraine and its disruption on the supply chain as well as the Joe Biden's administration's attempt to reset relations with Saudi Arabia.

Gas is averaging $4.779 in the U.S. as of Wednesday (July 6), according to AAA. In Texas, that number is $4.368.

While gas prices are on the rise nationwide, experts believe this will move the country toward electric vehicles. Hirs, however, says that might be a problem in the Lone Star State thanks to the power grid.

"Our transformer in the backyard blows up almost every 18 months routinely. Somebody’s plugged in one more phone and it just kicks off. The air conditioning got reset. And it can happen any time of year. As we go to more and more level demand throughout the day, this equipment needs to be changed out. It needs to be upgraded," he said.

Need to fill up? This is the best day of the week to buy gas in Texas.

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