On This Day In 1966 The Beatles Released 'Revolver'

While many regard Sgt. Pepper as the most important album from The Beatles, music historians will point to the album prior. Revolver was the album that not only changed The Beatles but also changed rock and roll. Revolver is the divider. No longer the boy-band touring the world, doing as told, cranking out 2 minute pop hits, and not yet the fully formed psychedelic troubadours content to stay in-studio and avoid the outside world. The album's sounds include the incorporation of tape loops and backwards recordings on the psychedelic "Tomorrow Never Knows", the use of a classical string octet on "Eleanor Rigby", and the Indian-music backing of "Love You To".

Revolver's cover artwork, designed by Klaus Voormann, earned the Beatles the 1966 Grammy Award for Best Album Cover, Graphic Arts. 

The album was ranked third in Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.

Take a trip back in time, 56 years ago today, and celebrate the release of Revolver

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