Texas Boy Goes Viral For 'Epic' Hairstyle In National Mullet Competition

Photo: USA Mullet Championships

One of the finalists in a national mullet competition is from Texas (obviously) and he needs your help!

Epic Orta, sporting retro green and yellow sunglasses and a vibrant Hawaiian shirt, is the poster boy for "business in the front, party in the back." As one of the finalists in the USA Mullet Championships, Epic needs all the help he can get in securing the dub.

The La Joya native is one of 25 kids vying for the chance to boast about having the best mullet in the U.S. As the competition continues, the boys have gone viral for their dedication to the craft, including their outlandish names and even more wild hairstyles.

Oh, and if you're wondering if Epic's mullet has a name, it definitely does. Meet George!

"Just don’t see how Epic doesn’t walk away with this. The competition is good. The kid is just on his own tier when considering the mullet/name combo," one Twitter user said.

"obsessed with the kids who made the finals of the USA Mullet Championships and their absolutely f----- up names," said another.

It costs $10 to enter the contest and the winner walks away with a $25,000 cash prize. All proceeds go to the Michigan Wig Foundation for children battling cancer.

Voting in the USA Mullet Championships is in full swing and ends Friday (August 19).

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