Texas Dog Caught On Camera Hilariously Stealing Owner's Taco: WATCH

Photo: Getty Images

Contact the paw-thorities! A dog was caught on camera committing a heinous crime he stole his owner's breakfast taco!

A family from Corpus Christi left a to-go bag of food and a wrapped breakfast taco in the middle of their dining room table. Their pup, AJ, saw it as a glorious opportunity.

In the Ring Camera video obtained by KIII 3 News, the dog is seen hopping up onto a chair at the dining room table to get closer to the bag of food placed at the center of the table. He then props two paws up on the table, then four, and he's seen headed straight toward the to-go bag of breakfast. After sniffing around for a few seconds, the pup turns his attention to the wrapped breakfast taco on the table. He puts the whole thing in his mouth as another dog comes to see what the commotion is about. That's where the video ends, so it's still unclear if the dog was able to unwrap and enjoy the breakfast taco!

AJ's owners told the news outlet they left the breakfast taco out for a family member and "never imagined it being stolen by the sneaky pup." AJ is the family's newest puppy, so it's likely he was just marking his territory!

You can watch the video below:

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