This Texas Spot Is A 'Foodie's Heaven'

Photo: Getty Images

If you self-identify as a "foodie" then you know how important it is to find the best restaurants, food trucks, and food courts to satisfy every craving.

One spot in Texas has been dubbed a "foodie's Heaven," according to CW 33. The Village Dallas has been an iconic apartment complex in the area for decades, and now they have added a food hall. The food hall is called Roundhouse and it will definitely blow every expectation away!

Junior Borg, vice president of culinary at The Village Dallas, said, "A lot of the stuff that we're doing here is rooted in the classic; the classic and approachable things as simple things. Most people love simple things and we try to focus on the simple things doing really well."

The food hall has everything from pizza and sandwiches to salads and tacos.

Borges said, "The Boss Cowis another great example we have something that we were trying to do that is simple, approachable, and classic. It’s a classic American burger that everybody loves. Not many people can say that they are baking [their own buns]. Like everything [is made in] house and that gets walked over."

Learn more about the food hall on The Village Dallas' website.

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