New Details Emerge About Custody Arrangement For Lisa Marie Presley's Kids

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After a potential custody battle was brewing between several family members following the death of Lisa Marie Presley, there is now a clear guardian for the late singer's twin daughters.

Ex-husband Michael Lockwood is expected to get full custody of the fraternal twin girls he shares with Presley, Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood and Finley Aaron Love Lockwood, both 14 years old, despite their "contentious divorce" TMZ reports, citing a source close to the family. Harper and Finley both made it clear they want to live full-time with Lockwood.

A source added that the twins have been living with Lockwood since Presley's death and "they are comfortable with the new arrangement."

Last week, a source said Lockwood was determined to get custody of the girls. "It'll be a cold day in hell before he gives up custody of those children," the insider said at the time.

TMZ reported several family members were tempted to make a play at custody of the twins, including Lisa Marie's first and ex-husband Danny Keough, who moved back into her house after their son Benjamin Keough died by suicide in 2020. Under California law, however, Keough wasn't in a position to get custody over the twins. At the time of her death, custody was split 60-40 between Presley and Lockwood, in the former's favor.

"Michael already had joint custody with Lisa Marie, and the only way he could be denied full custody is if there were a finding of unfitness on his part. Since the judge already found him fit enough for joint custody, that chapter is essentially closed," TMZ reports.

Danny and Michael reportedly have "a ton of bad blood" between them amid allegations during the latter's divorce from Elvis Presley's only daughter.

Despite this, Presley family is reportedly OK with the custody agreement. Danny and Lisa Marie's daughter Riley Keough "will continue to have a relationship" with Harper and Finley, and so will Priscilla Presley, who has been spending time with them since Lisa Marie's death.

Lockwood is expected to be in attendance at Graceland for Lisa Marie's private service ahead of the public funeral (which will be available to live stream) on Sunday (January 22).

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