'About As Big As They Can Get': Massive American Eel Found On Texas Beach

Photo: Mission-Aransas Reserve

A massive American Eel was found along the Texas Gulf Coast on Monday (January 23rd). My San Antonio reported that Jace Tunnell from the research group found the eel and shared information about the fish.

The eel is more commonly found in rivers and estuaries rather than coastal waters. Tunnell also commented on their size, saying that the one that was found was "about as big as they can get." He also said that the eel was "larger than what you would normally see."

The Mission-Aransas Reserve shared a video of the eel on Facebook, writing:

"Have you ever seen an American Eel up close, or read about their wild life cycle of living in freshwater and then going way out into the ocean to spawn 4 million eggs right before dying?"

In the video, Tunnell explains the life cycles of the eels, gives facts about how the eels live, and explains what they feed on. Check it out in the video below:

The Mission-Aransas National Estuarine Research Reserve conducts research, education, and stewardship programs.

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