WATCH: Texas Police Search For Ambulance Stolen From Fire Station

Photo: Houston Fire Department

Houston police were left searching for a stolen ambulance that was taken from a Texas fire station on Monday afternoon (February 6th), according to ABC 13. Ambulance 17 was stolen from the Houston Fire Department Fire Station 17, according to the Houston Fire Department.

Police later found a person behind an ambulance, which was believed to be the stolen vehicle. The ambulance was followed by multiple Houston police vehicles before trying to force its way through a stopped intersection. Since the ambulance was not on a service run, it could not be tracked.

The Houston Fire Department wrote on Twitter:

"CAUTION: @HoustonFire has received reports of Ambulance 17 stolen from #HFD Fire Station 17. @houstonpolice are currently in pursuit of the stolen ambulance. No further information. Stay tuned for updates."

After the tweet, the fire department revealed that this was just the latest in a chain of vehicle thefts. According to District Chief Steven Birkelbach, the suspect took a black Infiniti from a gas station then drove to the fire station. That's when the suspect went into the third holding bay, got into an ambulance, and took off. The ambulance supervisor heard the commotion so he got into his vehicle and followed the stolen truck.

You can watch live footage of the police search that ensued following the theft below:

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