Texas Could Introduce Futuristic Gondolas As Public Transportation Option

Photo: Getty Images

A new mode of public transportation could be coming to Texas — and it'll allow you to fly high over traffic and streets, too.

High-tech gondolas could be on the horizon for Dallas-Fort Worth, thanks to Swyft Cities' "advanced gondola system" that "provides efficient, comfortable and sustainable mobility and helps reduce costs for places like real estate developments, universities and airports," WFAA reports.

The Regional Transportation Council for North Texas plans to invite cities next week to "pick their most congested areas for the autonomous gondolas to be built," the news outlet reports. Both parties will then work together to figure out where in Dallas-Fort Worth the first gondolas will be built. It still remains unclear where they'll be built or if they'll even be built in the Lone Star State at this time.

These gondolas move passengers at a lower cost and with fewer carbon emissions than other means of transportation. They can also turn and serve several routes and stops. "Swyft Cities says its projects are low-cost, reducing infrastructure costs by as much as 20 times, with less material uses to lower carbon and daily energy use," the news outlet reports.

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