Texas BBQ Joint Ranked Among The Best In The South

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There are three things in life that are certain if you live in Texas: death, taxes and damn good BBQ.

Southern Living compiled a list of the best barbecue joints in the South — and it does not disappoint. "This year's readers' picks for the South's best barbecue joints reflect the current state of Southern barbecue, offering a blend of continuity and change," the magazine said about its list. "Some are adherents to the 21st century's craft mode, and the vogue of Texas-style smoked brisket continues to spread far beyond the Lone Star State. Surprisingly, though, a great many of our readers' picks represent the older, more traditional styles of their respective regions."

After digging through the best eats in Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and the Carolinas comes the best BBQ joint in Texas: Franklin Barbecue in Austin. Here's what Southern Living said to back up its decision:

Aaron Franklin burst onto the Austin barbecue scene in 2009, and his meticulous craft aesthetic has inspired an entire generation of pitmasters. Though a parade of impressive new players have entered the Texas scene in recent years, Southern Living’s readers are sticking with craft barbecue’s original star. Hardcore aficionados line up alongside curious tourists, waiting three or more hours for the full Texas barbecue experience. Flawless prime-grade brisket with a sweet, tangy glaze remains the anchor, and it’s accompanied by the now-essential Texas line-up of tender pork ribs, smoky turkey, pulled pork, and snappy jalapeño cheddar sausage.

Franklin Barbecue is located at 900 E. 11th in Austin.

Check out the full report.

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