Texas Hot Dog Joint Serves The Best In The State

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Sometimes you'll get a craving for a juicy, ketchup-y hot dog and that's totally OK. But when that craving hits, don't you want the best of the best?

Mashed compiled a list of the best places to get a hot dog in every state and boy, that list does not disappoint. "Whether it's a cheap dirty-water dog from a bustling city vendor or one topped with expensive ingredients that'll set you back a few bucks, wherever you go in the country you can find that one hot dog spot with rave reviews from everyone who visits," the food site said about its list.

In Texas, you can find the best hot dog at Sumo Shack in Dallas. Here's what Mashed said to back up its decision:

When driving through Dallas, there are several things you might expect to see: ten-gallon hats, Cowboys jerseys, and enough signs advertising barbecue to make your head spin. Something that would jarringly stand out like a sore thumb, on the other hand, would definitely have to do with sumo wrestling. But, that's what makes Sumo Shack such a unique oasis-like restaurant. A hot dog with a wild Japanese twist is exactly what your appetite craves. Their beef Tokyo dog whisks you away to Japan with bonito flakes, nori, scallion, sesame seeds, caramelized onion, and kewpie mayo. It's a frank so insanely packed with a Asian flavors you'll forget you're still in the states.

Check out the full report.

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