LISTEN! Rolling Stones w Lady Gaga & Stevie Wonder "Sweet Sounds Of Heaven"

The Rolling Stones have released a second single off their new album, Hackney Diamonds.

Mick Jagger came up with “Sweet Sounds of Heaven” at home in London where he started playing a chord pattern of C, F and B Flat on his piano.

They recorded it in three different studios in three different countries, but it was at Henson Recording Studios in Los Angeles where they were joined by Lady Gaga and Stevie Wonder.

Jagger says Gaga was in the studio next door and she "just walked in and curled up in a ball in front of me on the floor. And then someone gave her a mic, and she started singing oohs and ahs.”

The single release of "Sweet Sounds of Heaven" clocks in at just over five minutes, but the album version is over two minutes longer -- 7:22. Listen above!

Lady Gaga previously joined the Stones onstage during their 50 & Counting tour in 2012, performing “Gimme Shelter,” which was eventually released on their GRRR Live! album. And Stevie toured with them on their 1972 U.S. tour in 1972 where they would regularly perform a medley of “Satisfaction” and “Uptight (Everything’s Alright)” together.

Hackney Diamonds, the Stones' first album of original material since 2005's A Bigger Bang, will be out on October 20th.

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