Nikki Sixx Fires Back at Sharon Osbourne

Nikki Sixx has weighed in on Sharon Osbourne's calling him an "a-hole" because Motley Crue depicted her husband Ozzy snorting ants in their 2019 bio-pic, The Dirt.

With his social media blowing up with negative comments about her, he posted the following:

We had a lot of love and respect for Sharon. We love Ozzy. So when people comment on stuff calling her a plastic granny tranny I have it deleted.Not sure what she’s upset about now but let’s not perpetuated her comments by posting negativity about her..
— 📷 (@NikkiSixx) October 18, 2023

The Osbourne Family is only recently back on their show “The Osbourne’s Podcast,” but it’s already opening up insane vaults of information. On the newest episode, Ozzy Osbourne confirmed an unbelievable but legendary myth and also shared a new one.

“When I was onstage, I used to go ‘Oh f*** it,’ and just p**s, ‘cause I was wet anyway from throwing water around,” revealed the rock icon as he confused to soiling himself in front of live audiences. Wife Sharon Osbourne wasn’t amused by Ozzy’s tale and responded with a sarcastic “Thanks for sharing.”

Ozzy also confirmed to his son Jack the long-standing rumor that he snorted a line of ants with fellow rock band Mötley Crüe is, in fact, true. “Yeah,” he responded to the younger Osbourne’s question. “I did.” The rumor has circulated since the ‘80s and was even part of Crüe’s biopic “The Dirt.”

Check out the full NSFW episode of “The Osbourne’s Podcast” here.

Source: Consequence

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