Peter Gabriel Shares New Album Details

Many moons have come and gone this year, and with each we’ve gotten a new Peter Gabriel single from his approaching album. The one thing fans haven’t received, however, is a release date for the rocker’s lunar-inspired work, “i/o.”

But now that’s all changed, as the former Genesis frontman has revealed the new solo record will drop on December 1st. “i/o” will be available on vinyl, CD and digitally… but fans will also get to choose between “bright” and “dark” mixes of the tracks. Or they can have both!

“I quite like this idea of the multiple mix approach because for most artists it’s the process, not the product, that is most important,” insists Gabriel. A third version, dubbed the “In-Side” mix, is a Dolby Atmos version that Gabriel calls “much more three-dimensional.”

Source: Ultimate Classic Rock

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