Pete Townshend on AI, Roger Daltrey and The Who's Great Lost Masterpiece

While Pete Townshend continues to refine his next rock opera, Age of Anxiety, based on his 2019 novel, which will also include a documentary, he tells the Daily Beast there's interest from film and TV companies to turn the graphic novel contained in the recently released Who's Next / Lifehouse box set into a film.

As for The Who, he says, "Roger Daltrey’s got a bad knee which will probably need surgery, and so any decisions now about what we’ll do next, I don’t know. But he’s singing great...

"We’re thinking we might try and pick up some of the territories that we’d missed with the orchestral show, but, you know, I’m 78. So I think we shall see what happens..."

And in other Who news, "Baba O'Riley" can be heard in a commercial for Body Armor sports drink.

Source: Daily Beast

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