Steve Perry Releases Remix of "Only The Young"

In July of 2022, Steve Perry released a remix of Journey's 1983 song, "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)," for the soundtrack of the Netflix series Stranger Things.

At that time he said, "I was stunned at how cool it was. I found out that Bryce Miller and Troy MacCubbin had created it and told them how much I loved it. One week later, I had an idea for an extended version, so I called Bryce and we assembled our Extended Remix.

"Being a huge fan of the show, having my music on the soundtrack made me very happy! I truly love both these remixed versions as much as I do the original recording from the Journey Frontiers record."

That was Perry's first involvement with Journey music since Live in Houston 1981: The Escape Tour in 2005, and now he's at it again, having just remixed, with Miller, 1985's "Only the Young."

It's streaming now and is also available on a seven-inch bonus disk inside the newly remastered 40th anniversary edition of Journey 1983 album Frontiers.

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