John Lennon Box Set, McCartney in Spinal Tap Sequel, and More Beatles News

Another John Lennon box set is on the way, this one focusing on his fourth album.

Mind Games: The Ultimate Collection will contain 72 tracks on six CDs and two Blu-Ray discs when it's released in June.

The original album contained 12 songs, which begs the question, what will comprise the other 60.

Australia music news outlet,, is speculating, or perhaps hoping, that part of it could be the March 28th, 1974 session at the Record Plant in Los Angeles with Paul McCartney.

McCartney has said that they were quite "stoned” that day, which is evident in the bootleg recordings from that day.

"It was a strange session," said McCartney. "Stevie Wonder was there," as were Bobby KeysHarry Nilsson, and Jesse Ed Davis. The result was 10 pieces of music.

  • A Toot and A Snore
  • Little Bitty Pretty One
  • Lucille
  • Four takes of Stand By Me
  • Cupid/Chain/Gang and Take This Hammer
  • Various jams

While this session took place after Mind Games was released, it could be considered part of the sessions for his next album, 1974's Walls and Bridges, although the proper sessions for that album took place in July and August 1974.

All we can say is stay tuned.

George Harrison's 1970 song, "Isn't it a Pity," provides the soundtrack to an Apple Christmas commercial that's airing in England.

And talk about ironic ... Olivia Harrison, George's widow, shares a story on Instagram about a clock that George bought that had Scrabble letters on it that said "Now and Then."

He hung the clock on a building in his garden where it remained for 25 years until Olivia took it inside, cleaned it up, and placed on their mantle. Then last summer, Paul McCartney phoned her to tell her about his efforts to clean up the John Lennon demo, "Now and Then," as she was looking at the clock.

In Other Beatle News.......

Paul McCartneyElton John and Garth Brooks will make appearances in the sequel to This is Spinal Tap. Director Rob Reiner says, “We’re going to start shooting at the end of February.” It will reportedly parody The Last Waltz, director Martin Scorsese’s film about The Band’s farewell show on Thanksgiving 1976 in San Francisco.

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