Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora Watched "The Bon Jovi Story" Together

Jon Bon Jovi says that he and Richie Sambora watched the first three episodes of Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story together.

Bon Jovi tells Entertainment Tonight that it was the first time he'd seen Sambora apologize for the way he left the band in 2013. He said that he now understands that Sambora's “substance abuse or anxieties or single parenting, all those things weighed on him [plus] losing his dad" were hard.

He adds that he and Sambora have been able to overcome their issues because "you read, you talk to professionals, you sit with yourself, you learn to understand from a different perspective that his choices weren’t made out of animosity either.”

Bon Jovi also appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday night and he brought up partying with Michael Jackson's chimp Bubbles. Watch it on YouTube.

Jon was one of the performers last night at the Jimmy Buffett tribute concert at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. Also on the bill were Paul McCartneyEagles, and Jackson Browne.

Full details on last night's Buffett tribute here courtesy of The LA Times.

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