White Castle Giving Away Free Hamburgers

White Castle Adds Plant Based Fake Meat Burgers To Its Menu

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National Slider Day is being observed by Harold and Kumar's favorite fast food joint, White Castle, with specials and free hamburgers.

On Monday, May 15, the restaurant, founded in Ohio, will give away free cheese sliders in stores in honor of its own declaration of "National Slider Day."

The VP of White Castle said, "It’s fun to celebrate the burger that put White Castle on the map over 100 years ago and launched an entire fast-food industry."

The VP continued, "What better way to show some slider love than by giving away a free cheese slider to those who crave the brand?"

The complimentary cheese slider can be obtained without making any additional purchases, however customers must use a digital voucher while placing their order. Each client is only eligible for one complimentary slider per visit.

Which fast food restaurant do you think has the best cheeseburger?

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