Kenzie Paige on NWA Women's Champion Reign, CW Deal Impact, and More!

Join us for an exclusive interview with Kenzie Paige, the reigning NWA Women's Champion! Kenzie shares personal insights and professional experiences from her championship reign, including the challenges and rewards she's faced along the way.

Key Highlights:

- Kenzie's personal and professional journey as NWA Women's Champion

- Impact of the new NWA-CW streaming deal on women's wrestling

- Behind-the-scenes stories from Carneyland

- Excitement for the upcoming NWA show in Knoxville and special surprises for the fans

- The unique dynamic of wrestling alongside her sister Kylie Paige

Don't miss Kenzie's thoughts on the future of women's wrestling, the growth of the NWA, and the unforgettable moments shared with her sister in the ring.

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