Brian May, talks "We Will Rock You" - from the "The Greatest" series.

Queen have posted Episode 12 of their 50-part YouTube series, The Greatest, in celebration of their 50th anniversary. 

This week it's part two of Brian May talking about his song "We Will Rock You," the opening track on 1977's News of the World. “I wanted the song to be non-standard, I wanted it to be exceptional in every way. So I wanted to break all the rules, and normally the guitar solo comes in the middle, and then you get back and have the last verse and wind the thing up. I didn’t want that, I wanted the whole song to be there, and then comes the guitar solo out of nowhere... I think I went there only once, I did just one take... I didn’t actually play it three times, I just played it once and we duplicated it and put it on with sticky tape. That’s what you are hearing.”

"We Will Rock You" is synonymous with sporting events around the world, and it has been recognized by the Grammy Hall of Fame.