Daylight Savings Is This Sunday, But Why?

The time of year has come, and soon clocks will 'Spring' forward! 

This Sunday night we'll all lose an hour of sleep, and then you'll have an extra hour of daylight every day. Is it REALLY necessary??

Many countries around the globe do NOT participate in this yearly exercise, so why do we?

The original idea was to give people more sunlight in the summer, however changing a clock doesn't actually allow for more sunlight, that's not how physics works. You're only giving the impression the days are longer, when in reality you're also waking up an hour later.

The idea was created by entomologist George Hudson in 1927 to allow him more time to collect bugs for his bug collection.

There was also the notion Daylight Savings would save electricity by keeping folks outside longer and therefore not using indoors electric gadgets. Well yeah, maybe 100 years ago. Nowadays we have many reasons to consume even MORE electricity indoors in the summer... you know.. like AIR CONDITIONING! 

Arizona doesn't participate in daylight savings because an extra hour of sunlight means an extra hour of 110+ degree heat in the summer, no thanks!

This video gives an in depth look at the ridiculousness of Daylight Savings

Jeff K

Jeff K

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