Billy F. Gibbons of ZZ Top And His Love Of Hot Rods!!

ZZ Top's Billy F. Gibbons is the quintessential rock star with the cool cars — and his motor is still running. Gibbons, a revered guitarist, explains the band's powerful sentiments about cars. "We hang out, we shoot the breeze, we get down, we move on to the next town and, of course, it’s all about the arrival.  Loud, low, while you Rock and Roll." ZZ Top was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones in 2004. ZZ Top will release a new album later this year, and hits the road with Lynyrd Skynyrd this spring. Gibbons has a recurring roll in the Fox Network series "Bones" along with his fabulous Thunderbird.   Here's what Gibbons has to say:  1. The 2005 book "Rock + Roll Gearhead" offers an excellent glimpse into how cars and guitars are a cornerstone of your world. Do you still have all these cars in your collection? Any new editions?    ADVERTISING  inRead invented by Teads    Yes, the fleet is very much intact.  One of the latest additions is a fine, fine, restyled '58 Ford Thunderbird dubbed "The Mexican Blackbird," recently seen on the Fox Network series, “Bones." And soon to come is “Hombre,” a lowdown and bad Bonneville ‘33 coupe.  It's one sweet ride!   2. You're a in Texas band with long time ties to LA. Do your cars have an element of "Texas" in them, or do they reflect southern California car culture?   A bit of both, oh yeah...!  The custom (with a 'k') tradition has long found the stretch between the West Coast and the Lone Star State.  Our '65 Chevy low rider convertible, flying the colors of ZZ Top’s El Dorado Bar is solidly a Texas car yet, equally at home on the streets of LA, Fresno, or Bakersville.  On the other hand, "Slampala," a sleek and slammed low '62 Chevy, created in Southern California, does just fine around Houston, San Antone and the back alleys of El Paso.     3. Which cars are you most emotionally attached to? I would imagine CadZZilla  is on the short list.   Of course, CadZZilla is a very special car designed by Larry Erickson.  We stay amped-up with the fact it's as much "go" as "show."  She’s made a couple of cross-country treks, driven hard, come rain or shine!  The little red Ford three window coupe after which our "Eliminator "album is named is, of course, part of the greater ZZ mythology.  It's as much the star of those well known videos ("Legs," "Gimme All Your Lovin'," "Sharp Dressed Man") as the band is... maybe more so.      4.Which car do you spend the most time in?  The Rudy Rodriguez '32 Ford "highboy" roadster that's like a go-cart on steroids which is still a blast to putt around in; and the old ‘51 Willys wagon that's fine, funky and drives the boulevard like a tractor.  So many cars, so little time!     5. Do you drive new cars?   Yes, it happens on occasion yet, always with a few special touches to make that certain statement.  Our “TexiCali” favorites are a matched pair of early Scion XB “toasters” louvered to a fare-thee-well with fatty white walls, dog dish hub caps and rims painted red.  We've recently reworked a little late model Beemer convertible... Slammed on down with a dark red ragtop... reminds one of red velvet cake on wheels!!
Ted McKay

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